The Department of Cooperation

The Department of Cooperation was established in 1948 immediately after the formation of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The main objective of the Department has been to eliminate exploitation of common man by middlemen and money lenders by ensuring credit facilities to farmers at low rate of interest through Cooperative institutions. The focus is on amelioration of the socio-economic conditions of the people. It also envisages enabling empowerment for people to come together for constituting organizations for mutual benefit, build up synergies and drive economic benefits. .

The first H.P Cooperative Societies Act, enacted in 1956 and prior to this Cooperative Societies were registered under the Cooperative Societies Registration Act, 1912. With the reorganization of Punjab State in 1966, four more hilly districts namely, Kangra, Kullu, Lahual Spiti and Shimla were formed. Simultaneously on 1st September, 1972 two more districts viz Hamirpur and Una were created out of Kangra District and Solan also named as a district dropping Mahasu District. Reorganization of the State paved the way to enact H.P. Cooperative Societies Act 1968, because most of the Societies in the new merged area were of unlimited liabilities as such H.P. Cooperative Societies Rules, 1971 were also framed by the Government for strengthening the Cooperative movement in the State.
The statutory duties of, registration of Cooperative Societies, Arbitration, execution, Liquidation, Inspection and Audit under section 3 of the H.P Cooperative Societies Act 1968 are entrusted to the Registrar, Cooperative Societies H.P. or the person authorized by him.
At present following subjects are being dealt by Department of Cooperation as per Business of the Government of Himachal Pradesh (Allocation) Rules 1971:-

  • All work relating to Cooperative Societies of all types and at all levels, registered under the Cooperative Societies Act, except administration of section 35, 94, and 100 of the Himachal Pradesh Cooperative Societies Act, 1968 in relation to Himachal Pradesh State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd; Himachal Pradesh State Cooperative Wool Federation and their constituent Cooperative institutions.
  • Urban Cooperative Bank.
  • Land Mortgage Bank.
  • Grant of loans and subsidies to Societies.
  • Investment in share capital of the Societies.
  • Crop Loan Schemes.
  • Marketing of Agricultural Produce.
  • Distribution of fertilizers, seeds and other Agricultural inputs through the Cooperatives.
  • Cooperative processing and ware-house activities.
  • Cooperative Law, Act and Rules.
  • Audit of Cooperative Institutions.
  • Consumer Cooperative Stores.
  • Liquidation, Arbitration and Execution of awards.
  • Special schemes of medium and long term credits.
  • Registration of Societies under Societies Registration Act, 1860
  • Establishment budget and accounts matters

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