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In marketing section various kind of Cooperative Societies are being dealt i.e. Marketing, tea, Fisheries, Housing, Labour and Construction, Weavers, Transport ,Wool, Forest, Tourism, Thrift & Credit, Milk, Hydel-Power Generation, Poultry and Irrigation. A detail of Apex, Secondary and Primary Cooperative are as under:-

1.  The H.P. State Cooperative Marketing & Consumer Federation
(HIMFED) working at the State Level with the following objects :-

 To provide basic inputs services to farmers and growers (a) fertilizers (b) Agriculture Tools and implements.
 To distribute consumers goods viz. {a} PDS {b} Food-grain {c} Petroleum products.
 To act as Govt. agency for procurement & Marketing of Agri.& Horticulture Produce.

It has Share capital of Rs.600.63 lacs as on 31.3.2013 and remaining into loss to the tune of Rs.605.35 lacs.

2.  The H.P. State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd; Totu,

 Catering the needs of the daily Cooperatives with the following objects:-
 To organize Milk Producers Cooperatives on Anand pattern in H.P.
 To provide a remunerative Market to Milk Producers for their surplus Milk at their door step.
 To encourage women participation in Diary Coop.
 To encourage the use of balance cattle feed, Green foods scientific, Management practices.

It has a Share capital of Rs.689.39 lac as on 31.3.2013 and presently running into losses of 429.45 lacs during the year and accumulated losses to the tune of Rs.1839.40 lacs.

3.  The H.P State Cooperative Wool Procurement and Marketing Federation (WOOLFED)

It has the following objects:-

 To promote the growth and development of Wool Industry in State of H.P.
 To establish Wool procurement and grading Centers.
 To undertake marketing of Wool within & outside the State.

Its share capital to the tune of Rs.21.35 lacs and presently earned profit to the tune of Rs.30.88 lacs as on 31.3.2013.

4.  The H.P. State Coop. Housing Federation Ltd; Shimla(HOUSEFED)

Its main objectives are as under:

 To tap institutional finance from different financing Institutions and advance to its members for the construction of develing units /purchase of flat etc.
 To raise deposits from members/non-members.

It has share capital of Rs.94.27 lacs as on 31.3.2013 and presently earned profit to the tune of Rs.33.18 lacs during the year.

5.  The H.P. State Coop. Handloom Handi craft Weavers Society Ltd;

Working for the cause of the Weavers with following objects:-

 To purchase and stock raw material, appliances connect with Handloom & Handicraft Industry.
 To manage for the establishment of depots for the sale of H/L &Handicraft products belonging to the Apex Society and its members.
 To undertake production of Handloom goods on its own accounts or from members.

It has marketed the produce of the Weavers Cooperative Societies to the tune of Rs.204.93 lacs as on 31.3.2013. It has share capital to the tune of Rs.68.52 lacs and profit Rs.8.56 lacs during the year

6.  The H.P.Tea Factories Federation Ltd; Palampur District Kangra.

The factories Federation Ltd; Palampur was created for the purpose of:-

 To Market the produce of all the members factories in regional & National Markets.

But due to mis-management, it was placed under winding up on 20.12.2005.

7.  The Himachal Fruit Growers Cooperative Marketing and Processing Society
Ltd Shimla (HIMPROCESS).

Him process was created in the year 1971 with following objects:-

 Make arrangement for the procurement transportations, storage and ;Marketing of Horticulture produce processed or otherwise.
 Supply manure ,implements ,insecticides, pesticides, packing material and other allied requirements of members & arrange services for the same.
 Act as an agent of Government for the procurement & Marketing of
 Horticulture produce.

It has 576 members and share capital to the tune of Rs.167.88 lacs and having losses 19.33 lacs as on 31.3.2013 and accumulated losses Rs.273.18 lacs.


HIMCAPS was created for the purpose enumerated as below:-

 To establish, maintain and develop a teaching and research Institute of professional Education in the field of law management, medicine, commerce, information & Bio-technology, Engineering, environment & fine-arts and social & allied sciences.

Presently it has started its own Law-College at Bhadera, Distt. Una having deposits of Rs. 2.50 Crores of its members and share capital Rs.21.80 lacs as on 31.3.2013

9.  H.P. State Cooperative Development Federation Ltd Shimla (HIMCOFED)

This institution is came into existence in the year 1960 with the following purposes :-

 Cooperative Education Programmes
 Cooperative Training Programmes
 Publication of Cooperative Propaganda and other material conducive for the promotion of the Cooperative Movement in the State.
 Cooperative Printing Press.

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