General Notifications





Allotment of Audit to CAs for Coop. Bank Branches for the year 2015-16 5.4.2017
Applicability of Section 41 of Coop. Societies Act, 1968 for seeking information under RTI Act 04-03-2017
Charge sheet of Sh. Praneet Kumar, Peon 28-12-2016
Advertisement for the post of Peons 30-11-2016
Advertisement for the post of Drivers 29-11-2016
Auction Notice (Gypsy(Petrol)) 22-11-2016
Service Rules of PACS (Amendments)
Instructions reg. Supersession of Board of Directors of Coop. Institution 3.10.2016
Creation & sanction of posts of Jr. Asstt.(IT) in Deptt. 19-7-2016
Withdrawal of notification reg. Retirement age and exension in service in Coop. Socs. 6-7-2016
Terms & Conditions for empanelment of Chartered Accountants & approved list 30.6.2016
Annual Action Plan of Audit of Coop. Socs. to be completed during 2016-17 16.5.2016
Terms & conditions of Retirees Auditos 8.1.2016
HP Public Service Guarantee Act, 2011 and Rule 4 of HP Public Service Guarantee Rules, 2011 7.11.2015
Reg. non-submission of statutory returns U/S 34 & 35(1) of H.P.Societies Registration Act, 2006

For all State level Socs./NGOs

To all DC(Addl Registrar)/SDO (Dy. registrars)



Proceedings of State Cooperative council meeting held on 7.5.2015 3.6.2015
Guidelines/notification regarding Sexual Harrassment of Women at Workplace Act,2013- in respect of NGOs/socs. registered under H.P Societies Registration Act,2006 15.5.2015
Agenda items for the meeting of State Cooperative council to be held on 7.5.2015 2.5.2015
Guidelines/notification regarding Sexual Harrassment of Women at Workplace Act,2013 21.4.2015
Allotment of Audit to CAs for Coop. Bank Branches for the year 2014-15 9.4.2015
Schedule of Audit fee Scale 26.3.2015
Officer order reg.extention of Board in Mandi Coop. Urban Bank. 3.12.2014
Allotment of Audit to CAs for Coop. Bank Branches for the year2013-14 18.6.2014
Norms for Registration of New PACS 13.5.2014
Kisan Credit Card Circular 15.1.2014
Directions given by Hon'ble Supreme Court in Civil Appeal No.4691 of 2013 reg. Supersession of elected Committees 5.10.2013
Notification reg. Nominated Board of Direcors in Mandi Urban Coop. Bank. Ltd. Mandi 16.5.2013
Directive for the Administrators appointed under section 37. 18.3.2013
Sanction of loan by PACS, accepting of deposits from members & clarification thereof 14.09.2012
Contribution towards provident fund of employees of PACS 31.07.2012
Sanctionof loans through Kisan Credit Cards 24.06.2011
Redressal of Grievances of Govt. employees 27.10.2010
Time frame for service delivery 27.10.2010
Sanction of Crop loan by PACS (Maximum Ceiling) 21.07.2010
Sample of Society Registration papers under H.P. Societies Registration Act,2006. 10/2014
Model Guidelines for Amalgamation of Coop. societies under Section 14 and 14-A of H.P. Cooperative Societies Act, 1968. 1.2.2010
Guidelines & Procedure to be followed for registration of Cooperative Society underH.P. Cooperative Societies Act, 1968.  
Directive regarding Recruitment/promotion in Cooperative Institutions 11.12.2009
Approval of Policy Guidelines of Small Hydroelectric Projects upto 5 MW 30.1.2006/ 19.12.2005
Credit dispensation & management of loans and advances by Apex. Coop. Banks and Distt. Central Coop. Banks in H.P Guidelines/ Regulation of loans advanced by the Financing banks to Coop. Socs. 22.5.2006/ 4.1.2006
Instructions reg. functioning of Non Agri. Credit Coops. 31.3.2006
Instructions regarding Submission of Audit notes/ Proper followup of statutory actions/duties of Deptt. officers/ officials for improving managemt of socs. 25.3.2006/ 29.4.2006
Giving gifts /Diversification of business by PACS/ Directive reg. functioning of Urban Coop. Banks/ Regulation reg. functioning of PACS in accordance with Coop. Act 1968 and instructions of RBI 17.8.2004/ 24.8.2005/ 4.1.2006
Service Rules of PACS and Notifications 27.4.2001/ 28.3.2006

Redemption of share capital of the State Govt. invested in the share capital of various Coop. Societies . "Enhancement of optimum level."



Norms for the sanction of Financial Assistance under Plan Schemes to Coop. societies 6-11-1996