Developmental Functions

The Developmental functions incorporate the following main tasks to promote the growth of healthy Cooperative Institutions with the objectives:-

  • To extend credit facilities
  • To promote marketing facilities to the members to sell their produce at remunerative prices
  • To provide consumer goods, especially essential commodities under P.D.S program at reasonable  prices.
  • To update the skill of the Artisans, Craftsmen and weaker sections of the society engaged in Industrial activities and help them to market their produce
  • To enable to all persons to come together and gainfully employ themselves in diverse field such as Horticulture, Floriculture, Fisheries, Housing, Wool, Poultry, Labour & Construction, Dairy and Tourism etc.

Following incentives are provided by the department to strengthen co-operative movement in the State:-

  • Enrollment subsidy to newly enrolled member of IRDP/Scheduled caste/ Scheduled tribe families, equivalent to value of one share is provided to the beneficiaries to encourage them for becoming members of the co-operative societies
  • Managerial subsidy/Intt. Subsidy and working capital subsidy being provided to the society engaged in consumer/marketing activity under special central assistance for Tribal area Sub-Plan.
  • Interest subsidy to IRDP families is being provided @8% as an incentive for timely clearance of agriculture loans (ST/MT) availed by these families through co-operative societies.
  • Grant-in-aid is being given to the HIMCOFED for imparting co-operative education and training to members, employees etc.
  • A carpet weaving project: support to training and employment programme (STEP) sanctioned by the Department of Women and Child Development, Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt. of India is being implemented by the H.P. state Handloom and Handicraft weavers co-operative Apex societies ltd. Kullu. The project has been sanctioned in two phases i.e. STEP-I and STEP-II with the total outlay of Rs.2.07 crore and rs.128.66 lacs respectively. The main objective of this programme has been to bring women belonging to SC/ST and weaker section into the main stream of Handicraft projects and enable them to earn income and to raise their economic and social status. Under these projects, the trainees will get free raw material, looms, workshed and stipend @ Rs.225/- per trainee during the training period.